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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Champion of the Creed

The style of game that we've seen rise since Ubisoft's first resurrection of the Prince of Persia series, hasn't really seen a standard classification.  There's a lot of parkour style movement incorporated into the primary characters and they're all about elegance of flow.  Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the latest in this style of game and it does a good deal to evolve the new style of movement.  The incorporation of the parachute and horse-riding within cities while slight changes, do add some fun new variation on the style of play.  It's true that they don't add a great deal to the game, as is being said in most of the reviews, but for long term play it adds some entertaining elements.
But for me the defining element of a good game is always the story that it tells, and from my perspective Brotherhood does not disappoint.  The fantastic mix of science fiction (reliving history through the genetics of your ancestors) and history (the rise and fall of the Borgias' of Italy) and conspiracy theory is all kinds of fun.  Then there is the city of Rome itself...it's a beautiful character that changes and evolves as you progress throughout play liberating the people and doing what you can to aid them.  It's also a ton of fun to run around and explore.  Leaping from roof to roof, diving from peaks to haybales... it's an immensely gratifying experience.  Then there's all the fun sneaking around, blending into your surroundings, hunting people just at the range of your vision, makes for extremely entertaining gameplay.  There is also the additional ability added to play more as Desmond Miles, the true hero of the game creates new ideas of where the franchise will be going with the next episode in the series may end up.  It makes for a great story, and I'm looking forward to seeing that next episode.
The big addition for this game is multiplayer viability.  By incorporating the traditional game of Assassin, played on campuses nationwide into the great manhunt style of play introduced by the initial story play, creates a unique and inventive style of multiplayer game, one that incorporates precision and control over heavy action.  It's something tremendously engaging and fun.  One of the other intriguing additions is the Online Facebook game that Ubisoft created for it's player base.  The game actually does end up telling more of the history of the characters and events in the game, along with incorporating new unlockable features in the game on whatever console the player is on, and the ability to improve play on said console.  It makes for an interesting advertising scheme and way to add to the game. 
It's a fantastic game that has fun, fast, addictive gameplay and some great storytelling.  I look forward to whatever the Ubisoft AC team decides to introduce us to next.

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