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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where are the Freelancers?

Every time I plug a new game into any gaming system, I hope to find something new or interesting... Something that will engage me while entertaining me.  It's rare that you find one that can handle all those options... and the ones that have been appearing (though more frequent these days) are still exceptionally rare.  I've been yearning for my Wing Commander days back on my old Amiga and felt compelled to give the recently updated Dark Star One: Broken Alliance a try.  
It may be recollections of rose-colored glasses... but those games were still far superior to the one that I've been playing.  DS1 is, at it's core, a space sim, with some upgrade elements tacked on to make it slightly different from it's contemporaries and little bits of trade tacked on to keep up to par.  Still, even with it's HD upgrade.. it doesn't manage to hold up to games from 2003 specifically Freelancer... which in my last experience is one of the best space-sims I've ever played.  DS1's story felt very cobbled together using a great deal of inspiration from Freelancer, but without the inventive starship design that was developed for the different factions and cultures.  All in all the game is a weak diversion while waiting for the next generation of good space sims to show up. 

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