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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blitzing Badguys...in Borderlands 2.

Another day, another posting.  I really should be working on some original fiction of my own, but I'm having a hard time shutting off my internal editor to get more material out instead of going BACK to the stuff I've written.  It's much more challenging than you'd think.
Still, I've got ideas popping up anytime I'm doing ANYTHING else.  I really need to start keeping better notes.  Anyone know good ways to take them while in the shower?  My paper keeps getting soggy.
Anyway, onto the title material.
I loved the original Borderlands.  It was ridiculously easy to jump in and play, fun to barrel around in the zones with your friends and kill stuff.  It played a lot like Diablo in many ways, huge amounts of loot with varied looks and some really interesting variations in play.
Borderlands 2?  More of the same, all the great gunplay, all the ridiculous comedy.  The game plays like the craziest sci-fi western ever.  And all the guns?  There really doesn't seem to be ANY end to them.  Even the ones you get from quest drops see MASSIVE variation.  It's really quite impressive.
While the single player is the best way to get to all the great comedy in the story, but what really makes the game fun is the multiplayer.  Nothing is quite so much fun as running around the wilds of Pandora with your 3 friends blasting every Psycho, Bandit, Marauder and Elite out there.  It's bloody, fast, quick and fun.  All the things that we were looking for in a sequel.
Gotta say, the ability to sit down with a buddy in his basement and rock out blasting away at bad guys. It's very therapeutic for ANY kinds of stress.  Though I'm sure that getting a couple thousand more words done in my NANOWRIMO journal will work just as well.

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