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Thursday, November 8, 2012


So...I've been hard at work...well hardly AT WORK but I've been trying to put some serious time in on writing my novel each day.  And coming from a REALLY rough start it's starting to shape itself into a story that I'm pretty excited about.  I keep finding myself focusing on a mantra for myself "Just keep writing into the next scene.  Just keep writing into the next scene."  And it feels like it's working pretty well.  As long as I manage to find some time each day to go somewhere I'm NOT comfortable and just sit down and WRITE for a while I manage to get some really solid material out.

I mean, I'm at 16000 words today.  Of my story.  And each day I look at it and find some more material to keep going on.  Granted most of the time I have to force myself away from my computer to not go back and EDIT bits and pieces.  (NO, bad Jonny.  Editing is for December.)  But if I can keep at this pace for EACH DAY.  Just manage 2000 words a day, maybe a few more, I'll have my 50,000 well before the end of the month.  I love that idea.  Having a good chunk of a novel finished before the end of a month.

Now, I just need to cement this as a habit for EVERY day and then I'll be making some serious progress.

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