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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The dead... they Rise!

Dead Rising is a very special game it the hearts of many.  For me it was the first game I ever actually played on the 360... It pretty much sold me on the system as a whole.  It had lots of humor, fantastically imaginative gameplay, good solid story, and good graphics.  All those things on their own made for a great gameplay experience, plus the fact that the game was basically a Romero movie in which you got to control the lead was fantastic...  The idea of playing as a war correspondent covering the Infection outbreak was great, but limited.  The camera while occasionally fun, was considerably LESS entertaining that pounding zombies with chainsaws, baseball bats, golf balls, shotguns and swords.  Now going into the sequel, I find that many of the initial foibles of the first game were fixed for the second, along with a whole slew of new features added to make the game much more entertaining.  For instance, instead of a photographer, this time around you end up playing as the motocross version of McGyver.  Given enough time and duct tape, I'm fairly certain that Chuck Greene, our protagonist, could build himself a tank...similar to the A-Team (Thank you Stephen Cannell, you will be missed), seeing as he can build something similar with an electric wheelchair and assault rifle it's not that far a guess.  There are 52 bizarre and fun weapons you can build, and that's not including the simple fun of smacking guys around with the things that don't get combined into crazy weird toys.  There have also been huge improvements made to the follower AI for the sequel... something the guys on development must have got complaints about.  In the first game your followers were only effective when you were pointing them to run from place to place and wait, this time around, they are FAR more effective at barging past the crowds of undead and defending themselves.  The addition of the multiplayer gameplay is a big plus as well... though there isn't any local viability for it.  And the Terror Is Reality Minigame is hysterically funny and lots of fun as well, with great selection of little game modes that change up regularly.  It's definitely a strong addition to what's amounting to the season of sequels.  Highly recommended for fans of Zombie movies, action games, solid story, and the original game. 

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