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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just in time for Halloween...

There's a new game from Double Fine studios for the PS3 and 360.  Costume Quest.  And much like Tim Schafers' previous offerings it is brilliant and silly and wonderfully colorful.  Your protagonist is half of a set of twins, going out for candy on their night of make believe...  The child you pick gets a fun costume they may have made themselves...a task you will continue throughout the game, while their brother or sister is relegated to wearing a piece of candy corn costuming.  The game gets you into the swing of things quickly using the standard Halloween protocols, illuminated housing, bizarre behavior, bullies on the candy shakedown, and of course... monsters.  But these aren't just any spooky critters... these are on a very specific mission, to get as big a sugar rush as they can manage, and after stealing a walking talking piece of candy corn, your adventure begins.  While the replay value of Costume quest is negligible... at least thus far, the game itself is a fantastic and imaginative romp that only takes a few hours to get a great deal of enjoyment.  So thank you Mr. Schafer... I look forward to seeing more from your folks at Double Fine in future, and hope that the transition to making slightly smaller gems released more quickly works fantastically for you.

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