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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kirkman's walking dead...

Frank Darrabont's new series on AMC using The Walking Dead comics series as its basis is going to rapidly solidify AMC's reputation as one of the best networks for original programming running.  With Mad Men, Rubicon and Breaking Bad all with sterling reputations and solid ongoing stories, The Walking Dead promises to bring new levels of drama while combining with terror for this, hopefully long running series.  The initial pilot starts quickly and tells us precisely what's going on with the world Rick's living in, before slipping back to the initial catalyst for Rick's story, maintaining the storylines from the original comics series, in a nice bit of continuity for those who read the books initially.  Just like the comics series, the AMC version promises to treat the premise of the zombie apocalypse with a seriousness that we haven't really seen before in zombie stories.  A trend we've seen in Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z , has hopefully made it to the small screen.  The show starts strong, and finishes strong....with very little downswing in between.  In short... this is going to be a series to keep an eye on.

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