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Sunday, September 5, 2010

And The WORD is....

Transmetropolitan...  that's the word of the evening for my posting tonight.  One of Warren Ellis' more profound works and one known by most comics afficiandos already.  Still I thought, since I've got my copies in front of me it's as good a time as any to get many of my thoughts down on the matter.
I dig the hell out of this book.  Spider Jerusalem is one of my favorite characters ever, and not just for his Gonzo larger than life approach to everything, or his basis in Hunter S. Thompson, but for his single-minded dedication to his Truth (and yes, he means it in the traditional Platonic sense).  Facts that are beyond reproach and inevitable when one takes the time to think them through.  I understand that Spider is a faint analogue for the authors own point of view to be brought across to his audience (and so should you), but that doesn't make any of the things he talks about any less important.  The way we treat the lost in our society, the terrorism of religions and the political power struggles of our world are all addressed in a roundabout way in a dystopian world that, while we wouldn't necessarily want to live there, can certainly be recognized as a possible future.
For comics folks... this is essential Warren Ellis work.  All his black humor and inventive use of analogy is here for display.  And with 10 volumes of Graphic Novels full of material?  That's a lot of things to say.   I'll likely cover more of Ellis' work in this blog at later dates...  and while TransMet isn't my favorite of his works... It's definitely worth more than just a once over.

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