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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A new kind of Monday Night sports...

Monday Night Combat... a recent addition to the Xbox Live arcade cabinet, has taken a fun bit of time from me over the past couple months...  The concept is a nifty little blending of Team Fortress style class play and Tower Defense.   The game knows where it got it's ideas from and has worked to build on them, adding class specific skills that improve for each player with cash earned throughout fights.  With 4 player co-op online and 8 player competitive there's a lot of fun to be had for a bit of investment.  Playing with folks you know can allow you to develop deep strategies and tactics for taking on the Mass numbers of robots that will assault your Money ball... your defensive home base.  The fact that the game has both local and online co-op is really why I like it.  The potential to play in both formats is something I really hope to see more of from Xbox live.  It's been my primary complaint of the 2 XBL games I've been playing recently that both formats aren't covered.  Since being able to play with your friends online and at home is a fun concept.  The play style of MNC is fun and fast, with some hilarious voiceovers by the games announcer, making it well worth trying.  I'd definitely recommend the demo for anybody looking for something fun and silly.

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