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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fractions of illumination

Brent Weeks is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors...  I loved his previous Night Angel Trilogy... a fantastic little paperback series published under the Orbit imprint, a company that seems to be going out of the way to get great fantasy stories out to the people who love them.  His characters are vibrant, detailed, and troubled...all of whom tend to get under your skin and keep you thinking about them.  These qualities in his writing are also visible in his first installment of his new Lightbringer series.  Both series have unique and deep "magic" systems, standard in fantasy series but often one of the elements that stands to set one writers series from the others.  The Black Prism, follows 3 focus characters...keeping the cast limited and allowing for development of the environment, setting, and character, preventing us (the readers) from getting bogged down with extraneous characters.  Any reader of The Night Angel series, will be aware that Mr. Weeks isn't afraid too pull the occasional fast one or misdirect, and he's more than willing to do so again in this new series, and though this one may cause a headache or two for the reader...it's still a very satisfying read.  Hopefully we'll see more fun developments as the series develops. 

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