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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recettear: A bizzarly entertaining experience

Another game on the menu for today, a tongue in cheek little RPG based around one of the staples of the genre:  The Item Shop.  I know it sounds bizarre, and in many ways it is...  but entertaining as well, full of a self-aware humor and sense of fun.  A story about a girl has to start hawking gear in a fantasy society in order to pay off the mortgage on her home/shop, Recettear is primarily based around said shop and gear.. A fun little conceit of the program is that the city in question also has an Adventurer's guild...which you can search for gear to sell in your shop by outfitting Adventurer's in either your shop or on the fly.  The dungeons are short and simple, randomly generated and fun...and you fill your pockets quickly.  A surprisingly fun little diversion, and something different from the standard hack & slashes or turn based games we see.  It's a well designed little game with a bunch of fun aspects to it... the keyboard controls are decent, but the game does really well when played with a game console style controller.  Well worth taking a look at if you're into something RPG styled but with a little different feel to it.

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